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The Company aim is to get, through the GAQCI, resolving the problems of quantum mechanics in its existing formulation being dead-end and actually a no-go-round obstacle for creating quantum computers.

Quantum computers and quantum cryptography are potentially the first commercial applications of quantum physics. But the existing theories need to be reformulated in adequate logical and mathematical formalism. We see no successful, reliable results yet in creating quantum computers due to working with bad, inappropriate tools.

The approach being developed by the Company transcends the conventional qubit entangled computational schemes since the latter have tough problems of creating large sets of communicating qubits. All the efforts today in building "quantum" computers are in implementation of qubits (in various physically possible variants) effectively talking to each other, thus emulating entanglement.

In the Company's suggested theory all calculated observable values get available all together, not through looking one by one. In this way quantum computer appeared to be a kind of analog computer keeping and instantly processing information in parallel. As practical implementation, the multithread GPUs, for example bearing the CUDA language functionality or OpenCL on ARM64 architectures, allow to simultaneously calculate measurement values at a number of space/time discrete points only restricted by the GPU threads capacity.

The invented simulation platform is a cheap, effective highly scalable solution potentially kicking from the market big fishes (IBM, Microsoft, Google, dozens of smaller ones) investing billions in elaborating conventional quantum computing devices.


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